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ARCOL AP101 Series

100 Watt Thick Film Heatsinkable


High Voltage Axial Thickfilm

ARCOL AP830 Series

TO-220 Thick Film

ARCOL AP851 Series

TO-220 Thick Film Heatsinkable

ARCOL AP725 Series

D2PAK surface mount Thickfilm

MC4 Series

4-up DIP Resistor Package

AS Series

Anti-Surge Thick Film Chip

AMC Series SMD Chip

Automotive Compliant AEC-Q200 Chip

ARCOL AP836 Series

35 Watt Thick Film Heatsinkable

MOX 800 Series

Thick Film Axial

TP Series High Energy

Thick Film Surge

Ultra Mox Series

Precision High Value Thick Film

ARCOL FPA600 Series

600 Watt Heatsinkable Thick Film


Thick Film On Stainless Steel

IS Series Resistor

Thick Film Heatsinkable


Tubular High Voltage

TDH35 Series

35 Watt TO-263 Surface Mount Thick Film

TAH20 Series

20 Watt TO-220 Thick Film

TBH25 Series

25 Watt TO-220 Thick Film

TCH35 Series

35 Watt TO-220 Thick Film

TEH100 100 Watt

100 Watt TO-247 Thick Film

TEH70 Series

70 Watt TO-247 Thick Film

TFH85 Series

85 Watt TO-264 Thick Film

TAP1000 and 2000 Series

1000 and 2000 Watt Heat Sinkable Planar Thick Film

TAP600 Series

600 Watt Heat Sinkable Planar Thick Film

TAP800 Series

800 Watt Heat Sinkable Planar Thick Film

TGH Series

120 and 200 Watt SOT227

TL Series

Modular Thick Film Heat Sinkable

HVC Series

Precision High-Value High-voltage Wraparound Chip

HVF Series

High Voltage Film Flip Chip

Slim-Mox Series

Precision Thick Film Resistors and Dividers

Maxi-Mox Series

Precision Thick Film Axial

RX-1M Hi-Meg

Hermetically Sealed Ultra High Resistance

Super Mox Series

High Voltage Non Inductive Axial

Power-Mox Series

Precision Thick Film Tubulars and Dividers

Mini Macro Chip Series

High Voltage Thick Film SMD Chip

RC, RF, RW, RP, RM Series

Surface Mount Power

MC1RD Series

Thick Film SMT-MOX Divider

MacroChip Series

High Voltage Thick Film Chip

TFS Series

Surge Capable Thick Film

Mini-Mox Series

Precision Thick Film Axial

Low Wattage Mini-Mox Series

0.25-0.50 Watt Precision Thick Film

TA Series

Power Chip® Thick Film On Alumina

TK/TN Series

15 and 20 Watt TO220

SMC Series Chip

Commercial SMD Chip

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